Manage Your Workforce, On-Demand

Workforce Management (WFM) technology promotes optimal workforce performance and workplace satisfaction through automated scheduling and scheduling preferences.

Responding to Change Made Simple

By leveraging the flexibility of a cloud or premise based on-demand system, organizations can respond to change with agility and adjust easily when business needs shift.

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User-Friendly with the Functionality You Need

Traditional WFM systems are expensive, complicated, and full of unnecessary complexity that can impact day-to-day operations.

Intuitively designed with your everyday tasks in mind, the WFM solution we offer is user-friendly and cloud or premise based, meaning you decide how you want to store and access your data.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Easier scheduling with more flex scheduling options
  • Simpler interface to manage work across your business
  • Access schedules from anywhere on the cloud

Meeting Your Business Exactly Where You Are

Even as cloud-based software is taking the forefront, 9T Technology offers a WFM solution that takes full advantage of both cloud and premise-based environments to meet your business’s unique needs.

You can feel confident knowing that new system updates will be integrated seamlessly and that you can always tailor new features to suit current demands.

This solution also makes it easier and more cost-effective for you to manage your business since allofyour WFM features are securely stored in one place and will continue to provide a high-performing, reliable experience time and time again.

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